Medical Team

Medical Support

MedVint provides medical support to refugees in makeshift camps in rural and remote areas. We treat per week up to 500 people.

The weekly consumption of medicine and medical consumables is about EUR 500.

The medicine is used to treat respiratory diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, colds, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases – especially skin because of poor hygiene, general pain, sprains, dislocations, minor accidents, care of old war wounds, malnutrition etc.

Some medical equipment is needed like first aid kits, stethoscope, glucometer, blood pressure cuff.

Dental Care for People in Makeshift Camps

The biggest health issue we face in camps is the desperate status of teeth. We have dentists volunteering but we need following basic dental instruments: Mobile Dental kit (EUR 2,000), Dental Sterilizer (EUR 1,000), anesthesia, seringe, needles, extraction instruments and tissues.


Toys for Refugee Kindergarten and Camp Children

MedVint organized toys, painting and craft materials and small storage boxes and furnitures for a refugee kindergarten and primary schools.

Currently we are working on a new project how we can equip camps refugees children with toys. Follow us on www.facebook.org/medvint for updates on this project.



Our projects are chosen out of the need that arises in the regions where we work. Our projects aim to support the refugees, the local community and anyone that has an impact where we work.


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